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Remember: Make sure to ask parents/family members for permission before doing any of the activities listed below.

Week of April 27th - May 1st (Lesson Content):

What are we learning?

This week's main focus is on health-enhancing physical activity - finding joy in being active.  

Did you know?

Physical Activity:  is a bodily movement of any type and may include recreational, fitness and sports activities such as jumping rope, playing soccer, lifting weights, as well as daily activities such as walking, taking the stairs or raking the leaves. It also includes playing outside.

Exercise:  however, is planned, structured, repetitive, and intentional movement intended to improve or maintain physical fitness. Exercise is a subcategory of physical activity.

Task 1: Warm-up

K-5 Grades:  Choice Bodyweight Fitness Warm-up

Equipment:  No equipment needed

Directions:  Choose 5-10 exercises from any of the shared charts below. Perform each exercise for 10 repetitions or if stretches are chosen, hold for 10-15 seconds/Mississippi's.

Let's use the nice weather this week to get outside if you are able.  

Task 2: 

K-5 Grades:  Simon Color Game

Equipment:  Sidewalk chalk or 4 paper plates marked with colored markers (4 main colors)

Directions:  Listen to the beginning of the video below for directions of the activity. You'll need a partner to call out the color combinations. 

Challenge: What level color combination will you get too? Give it a try to find out!

Task 3: 

K-5 Grades:  Sidewalk Chalk Course Creation - You are the designer 

Equipment:  Chalk - open safe space


Step 1: Find an open area of pavement and design your own chalk path/course.

Step 2: Create the moves for your course 

Step 3: Try to complete your moves on your path from start to finish of your course then try again.

Extension: Share/teach your path/course to another person and let them have a try. 

1st Step: Here I am designing my chalk obstacle course/path.

Next Steps: Create movements and complete the course.

YOUR TURN. First, ask for permission and find open pavement and create your course. HAVE FUN - Be creative!

Here are some additional ideas:

If you are not able to get outside try this fun indoor challenge. You could even create an obstacle course inside. - Make sure to ask for permission.  

Bonus Physical Activities this week:

K-5 Grades:  Color by Fitness

Equipment:  Coloring items (crayons, markers, color pencils, etc...)

Directions:  Perform the exercise in each shape then color it in using the key below

K-5 Grades:  Fitness Fortune Teller

Equipment:  N/A

Thank you to the following (listed below). If included below I have used one if not more of your resources on this page. Once again thank you! 
Jason - @mrdenkpeclass
William Potter - @MrWillPE
Stephanie Klaffke - @KlaffkePE
Drew Burris - @projectphysed
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