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Remember: Make sure to ask parents/family members for permission before doing any of the activities listed below.

Week of May 4th - May 8th (Lesson Content):

What are we learning?

This week's main focus builds on last week's of using physical activity for challenge and enjoyment.  

K-5 Grades:  Choice Board

Equipment:  90% of the activities require no equipment. 10% of the activities use general household items (Levels, Hopscotch, Couch Island, Jump Rope, and Rhythm Sticks).

Directions:  Choose one activity to do each day (Monday-Friday).

How to Use: Click the photo below and it will take you to the main document with active links to click. There are four weeks of activities. You can always come back to this document. You will need to click on the blue text for the link to some. Weekends are free choice. HAVE FUN!

Thank you to the following (listed below). If included below I have used one if not more of your resources on this page. Once again thank you! 
Drew Burris - @projectphysed: Original creator of the resource Your Home, Your Choice Board displayed above
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