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Week of April 6th - April 10th (Lesson Content):

Task 1 - Warm-up: 

K-5 Grades: Would You Rather Fitness

Equipment: N/A

Task 2:

K-5 Grades: Tossing Challenge Levels

Equipment: 1 or 2 Sock balls = roll up sock into a ball. + 1 basket/bucket. Laundry basket works great.

Directions: Follow along with the challenges in the video.

Task 3:

K-5 Grades: Stick the Landing - 1 Minute Physical Activity Challenge Series

Equipment: 1 water bottle 1/3 filled and a table.

Can you beat Coach Armstrong?

Task 4 

K-5 Grades: Shoe Flip Challenge 

Equipment: Shoes, a basket of some sort and something inside the basket to weigh it down

Bonus Activity

K-5 Grades: Minute to Win it Activity - Defying Gravity

Equipment: 2 plastic grocery bags

K-2 students use 1 plastic bag

3-5 students use 2 plastic bags

(If unsuccessful with two bags after several tries they can try with 1 as well).

Thank you to the following (listed below). If included below I have used one if not more of your resources on this page. Once again thank you! 
Jason Leach - @jkleach01
Mike Morris - @MikeMorrisPE
Kevin Tiller - @physedreview
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